Systems Technology

Product Improvements

Our many years of experience in numerous fields and system types provide us with detailed knowledge on the so-called children's diseases of the various systems. We are constantly working on improvements of defective and weak components to make your systems even more reliable and durable.

We are also very happy to take on special projects for the realization of your special requests.

Rorze 713 Refurbishment

Rorze Robot 711/713 New


In this full refurbishment program for all Rorze RR713 Wafer handling robots all major mechanically moving parts will be exchanged and the robot will be tested 24hours in a Semiconductor production machine to guarantee for high repeatability and perfect accuracy.


Rainbow 4520I ISO Module Pressure Transducer

LAM Research Rainbow™ 4520I

ISO Module Pressure Transducer

A compact and low cost pressure transducer that perfectly fits into the narrow space at the ISO Module of the Rainbow 4520. This pressure transducer can also be used on other positions and chambers.


Rainbow 4520I ISO Module Gas line insulator

LAM Research Rainbow™ 4520I

ISO Module Gas Line Insulator

Replacement for the insulated gas line in the Rainbow™ 4520 Isotropic Etch module. The improved insulator is directly screwed into the ISO module lid thus it can no longer break. The upgrade is delivered with all necessary parts.


Rainbow/TCP Improved Inner Door Assembly

LAM Research Rainbow™/TCP

Improved Inner & Outer door Assemblies

Especially in the maintenance tunnels of the LAM Research Rainbow™ and TCP™ space is scarce. The smaller, lighter, whilst at least equally robust and improved door for the Rainbow / TCP is easier to install, provides more room for maintenance, is easier to adjust and has visual indicators on the sensors for easier maintenance.


ESC Refurbishment

LAM Research Rainbow™

ESC Refurbishment

Electrostatic electrodes (ESC's) can be refurbished up to 3 times, until they have to be replaced. The costs for the maintenance of the system (COO) are minimized drastically by this service. An evaluation is possible.


MATTSON Aspen II Throttle Valve


Throttle Valve

Perfect replacement for the obsolete Millipore valves and ACX controller. This valve is specially programmed for your Aspen II system and is supplied with a "Plug & Play" cable for easy installation.


Additional product improvements for various systems can be found in our download area. If you have further questions or requests about the individual products, please give us a call or write us.