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Since 1990 we supply customers in the sectors semiconductor production, deposition technology, nanotechnology, micromechanics, solar technology, R&D, environment protection and many other high-tech fields.

We provide reliable meter and controller technology, spare parts for your systems and process technology as well as perfect support and service for these products. All our technicians have many years of experience in the respective fields, e.g. semiconductor production (plasmaetching, photoresist stripping, diffusion, epitaxy), high frequency technology, gas, meter and controller technology, power supply and vacuum technology.


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A select choice of items in our program:


MATTSON RTP2900 (Refurbished)

All refurbished systems pass through our constantly improving Refurbishment Program. We would be delighted to provide you with a detailed listing and an individual quote according to your specification. Process evaluation and development can be offered individually upon request.

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Rainbow 4520I ISO Module Pressure Transducer

Rainbow 4520I ISO Module

Pressure Transducer

A compact and low cost pressure transducer that perfectly fits into the narrow space at the ISO Module of the Rainbow 4520. This pressure transducer can also be used on other positions and chambers.

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Sevenstar CS-200A


  • Range: 5 sccm … 50 slm
  • High Accuracy: ±1.0% SP
  • Fast Response: < 1000msec
  • Seals: Viton / Neoprene
  • Interfaces: 0…5 VDC, 4…20mA, RS485, DeviceNet, Profibus
  • Power Supply: ±15 VDC, +24 VDC
  • Temp. Range: 0…50°C
  • Surface Finish: 25µinch Ra

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High performance and highly versatile DLI vaporizer that can generate temperatures up to 250°C. It features four proprietary Kemstream injection heads.

  • One to four injection heads
  • Six heating zones, up to 250°C, 2600 W (230 VAC or 115 VAC)
  • 6 K type thermocouples: (1 per heating zone)
  • Current needed: 11.3 A (230 VAC) ; 22.6 A (115 VAC)

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