Mass Flow Technology


Structure of the MFC Training


  1. Explanation of the technical bases for analog and digital gas meters and controllers
    • Mass Flow Controller (MFC)
    • Mass Flow Meter (MFM)
    • Pressure Controller (UPC)
  2. Setup, functional principle and calibration of analog devices
    • Sensors, bypass, PCB, valves
    • Characteristics of the calibration with our calibration system
    • Development of the Dynamic Response
    • Use of Calibration Data chart, conversion factors
    • Application of special calibration tools
  3. Setup, functional principle and calibration of the UPC-8130/1630 (Pressure Controller)
    • Special features of gas control with a Pressure Controller
    • Development of the special calibration technology for Pressure Controller
  4. Special features of calibrating O-ring sealed units (UFC-8100) of the new UFC-Generation
    • Setup and Calibration
  5. Special features of calibrating metal sealed units (UFC-1660) of the new UFC-Generation
    • Introduction to working with digital instrumentation.
    • Importance of Multiflow-features of digital devices
    • Characteristics of the calibration
    • Required Software
  6. Control of digital Multiflow-devices with the VI software (Virtual Interface) at the 485 interface
    • Explanation of the software
    • Application examples
  7. Calibration with the new calibration software SC (Standard Configurator)
    • Explanation of the application
    • Application examples
    • Cost savings by application of SC devices
  8. Application of digital instrumentation for troubleshooting
    • Recording of current device parameters
    • Control of digital equipment technology in running processes
    • Evaluation of changes and preventive measures
  9. Presentation of our CalAll calibration system, which has been developed in-house

Duration of the training:
The shown task formulation requires about two to three days depending on the number of participants.