Systems Technology


To round off our wide range of services for you, we offer operator, beginners and advanced trainings for various types of systems (such as AutoEtch™, Rainbow/TCP™ and Mattson Aspen II™ / RTP systems) for you or your technicians.
These courses significantly increase the profitability of your production as errors are detected and removed faster.


Our training courses include amongst others:

  • Basic knowledge on the dry etching technology
  • Structure and technical details of various systems
  • Operating the machine
  • Maintenance procedures and tips
  • Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to the various operating systems of the installed software

    For all our machines, we offer operator, beginners and advanced courses.

    1. The system operators in your factory work all day on your systems. In a specially tailored training they learn how to fix minor problems themselves and determine greater fault causes roughly. The better understanding of your operators helps your service technician to find and fix the errors quicker.
    2. The introductory courses were made for prospective maintenance technicians who have not worked with such systems yet. Basic operations, machine components and troubleshooting are some of the main points of this training.
    3. We have developed the advanced training with an emphasis on troubleshooting for experienced maintenance technicians. Shorter repair and downtimes are the main reasons for booking such training.

    Our training programs significantly reduce your downtimes and repair costs by the original manufacturer. Should you require further information, please call us or write us.