Mass Flow Technology

DLI Vaporizers

DLI Applications

KEMSTREAM products address every application and process that requires reactive vapor and aerosol. The range of these applications and these processes is very wide.

The most common / typical applications are:

  • Deposition of thin film material by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition), MLD (Molecular Layer Deposition), spray CVD and spray pyrolysis processes
  • Surface modification and functionalization
  • Surface cleaning [1,2-Dichloroethylen (trans und cis)]
  • Deposition of single layer molecular film by MLD
  • Vapor phase synthesis of nanoobjects such as nanoparticles and nanotubes
  • Impregnation of a porous substrate with a material by CVI (Chemical Vapor Infiltration)
  • Synthesis of thin film organic polymer by iCVD (initiated CVD)
    • Possible CVD processes: thermal CVD, Metal Organic CVD (MOCVD), Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE), injection MOCVD, DLI MOCVD, PPCVD (Pulsed-Pressure CVD), Plasma Enhanced CVD (PECVD), Plasma Assisted CVD (PACVD), PPCVD (Plasma-Promoted CVD), Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI), Atmospheric Pressure CVD (APCVD), Aerosol Assisted CVD (AACVD), Combustion CVD (CCVD), Chemical Vapor Combustion (CVC), injection CVD, injection MOCVD, Hot-Wire CVD (HWCVD), Catalytic CVD (Cat-CVD), initiated CVD (iCVD), organic catalytic CVD (O-Cat-CVD), Plasma-Assisted HWCVD (PA-HWCVD), Hot-Mesh CVD (HM-CVD), Hot Filament CVD (HFCVD), Ultra Violet assisted CVD (UV-CVD), photo assisted CVD.
    • CVD like processes can be Modified CVD (MCVD), Vapor Axial Deposition (VAD), Flame Hydrolysis Deposition (FHD), Outside Vapor Deposition (OVD), Inside Vapor Phase Oxidation (IVPO), Plasma CVD (PCVD), Surface Plasma CVD (SPCVD), Plasma Impulsed CVD (PICVD). These processes are mainly used for deposition of silica glass (doped and undoped) for applications such as optical fibers and optical waveguides.
    • ALD processes can be Atomic Layer CVD (ALCVD), Atomic Layer Epitaxy (ALE), Plasma Enhanced ALD (PEALD).

      The materials that can be obtained are very diverse and can be inorganic, organic (polymers) and hybrid ones, crystallized or amorphous. They have a very wide range of properties such as electrical, optical, chemical, biological and mechanical properties. They can be electrically isolating, conducting or semi-conducting. They can be photovoltaic, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, thermoelectric, superconducting, magnetic or magneto-resistant. They can be transparent or mirroring. They can prevent corrosion and fouling. They can be hard or soft materials. They can combine two or more properties. Inorganic materials that can be deposited by CVD and ALD processes are oxides, nitrides, sulphides, selenides, tellurides, metals and metallic alloys.



        Vapbox DLI vaporizers can vaporize a very wide range of molecular compounds that can be organic or organometallic, liquid or solid. A list of chemicals and precursors that Vapbox DLI vaporizers can inject and vaporize with the corresponding material can be provided upon request.