ESL is proud to present the new RTP2800A Rapid Thermal processing tool.

Due to the reduced amount of available used tools on the open market, we have decided to build the old and obsoleted RTP2800 in to a new frame with loads of different valuable upgrades. Every part which is process related is still based on the proven MATTSON® RTP2800 tool, but everything else has been upgraded and improved. In this way, the new RTP2800A can be easily integrated into your tool set without any new qualifications needed.

The RTP2800A is suitable for processing 4-8“ Wafers with or without graphite box, which makes it perfectly usable for different applications with SiC or InP materials.

The new machine comes with a new cooling system for water and air cooling, a new frame which is easily accessible, a new Robot/Aligner set, new Cable tree, new lamps, new power supplies and control cards and a new gold cage.

Instead of buying a complete new tool, we can also offer a retrofit of one of your old tools. This has to be removed from your cleanroom and be sent to us. We will take it apart, refurbish every part and build it back together in the new frame and with all the upgrades available.

We are official partner of MATTSON Thermal Products and are also responsible for the ongoing support of obsoleted products. A support of spares and support is granted for many more years to come.

Should you have any questions or need more detailed information please contact us.

Proven process hardware (MATTSON RTP2800), SiC/InP compatible (up to 8“), built into a new frame, combined with loads of upgrades and improvements
  • Improved air cooling
  • Improved accessibility
  • Improved gas box
  • Improved water cooling
Hinged frame for easy access
SiC compatible graphite box handling for
wafers up to 8 inch
New gas box

RTP2800A Standard

  • Standard Windows
  • Hinged operator interface

RTP2800A Automation

  • Electrically operated windows
  • Rotating cassette nests
  • Built for AGV loading possibility